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Sensory And Consumer Research In Food Product Design And Development

RRP $524.99

<i>Sensory and Consumer Research in Food Product Design and Development, Second Edition</i> provides both theory and case histories illustrating the types of issues faced by food professionals, the nature of the thinking and the way problems can be solved in a practical format. Aimed toward all aspects of the industry, the book is especially important for those involved in the early stages of development, where there is much business opportunity.<br> <p> The book itself provides the unique perspectives of three leading practitioner professionals in the field, each of whom at once combines an academic and a business perspective. The beginning reader will be introduced to systematic experimentation at the very early stages, to newly emerging methods for knowledge development/data acquisition, and to points of view being used in the food and beverage industries today. The advanced reader will find new ideas here, backed up by illustrative case histories, to provide yet another perspective on commonly encountered problems and their solutions.<br> <p> For the second edition, three groundbreaking new chapters have been added: Databasing the human mind with respect to product features, brands and emotions; Innovating products at the early stage; and &#8220;So what (and how) do I tell my boss and my clients?&#8221; All chapters previously published in the first edition have been selectively re-edited, revised and updated. A bestselling IFT Press book in its first edition, <i>Sensory and Consumer Research in Food Product Design and Development</i> presents, from the business viewpoint, the critical issues faced by sensory analysts, product developers and market researchers in the food and beverage arena.

Writing In The Research University

RRP $242.99

How do engineers learn to think and write like engineers? How do journalists or biologists learn to think and write like the professionals they become? Do we learn to think and write primarily by enculturation-or can be be taught how to write in various disciplines? If anything can be taught, what practices stand out as best practices? Needed to address these questions is a cohesive theory of writing-in-the-disciplines (WID), one that accounts for both discipline-specific features of writing and features that cut across many disciplines. To that end, this book re-examines contemporary sociohistoric theories of writing from an evolutionary perspective

Yeast As A Tool In Cancer Research

RRP $766.99

Leland H. Hartwell Director, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Nobel Laureate for Medicine, 2001 Yeast has proved to be the most useful single-celled organism for studying the fundamental aspects of cell biology. Resources are now available for yeast that greatly simplify and empower new investigations, like the presence of strains with each gene deleted, each protein tagged and databases on protein-protein interactions, gene regulation, and subcellular protein location. A powerful combination of genetics, cell biology, and biochemistry employed by thousands of yeast researchers has unraveled the complexities of numerous cellular processes from mitosis to secretion and even uncovered new insights into prion diseases and the role of prions in normal biology. These insights have proven, time and again, to foretell the roles of proteins and pathways in human cells. The collection of articles in this volume explores the use of yeast in pathway analysis and drug discovery. Yeast has, of course, supplied mankind's most ubiquitous drug for thousands of years. In one aspect, the role of yeast in drug discovery is much like the role of yeast in other areas of biology. Yeast offers the power of genetics and a repetoire of resources available in no other organism. Using yeast in the study of drug targets and metabolism can help to make a science of what has been largely an empirical activity. A science of drug discovery would permit rigorous answers to important questions.


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Charter Boat Research Scuba diving Birdwatching
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Charter Boat Research Scuba diving Birdwatching
Adventure cruises Alotau Lodge Picture gallery Boat Cruises

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